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Tennis Court Q and A

Who can play on the courts?
Any MountainBrook Village homeowner, renter or their guest may use the courts.  You do not have to be a MBV Tennis Club member to use the courts.

How Do I Access the courts?
The fob that you received from the Office to access the pool or other buildings will open the court gates.

What is the MBV Tennis Club?
The Club sponsors weekly league play – women, men and mixed – during the winter season.  We also have tournaments and socials throughout the season.  To join, contact the Club Treasurer to pay your dues.

How Do I reserve a Court?
Check the “Court Schedule” pages on this bulletin board to find an open, unreserved court and time.  Put your name in the beginning time and mark the end time. You may make a reservation one week in advance of the play time.

Is there Open, Drop-in play time?
Yes, Court time is reserved for Round Robin play – any level of player.

It is usually Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8 – 10 a.m. during the winter season.  Check the “Court Schedule” to confirm Round Robin play times as they may vary throughout the year.

Who do I CONTACT with questions or comments ?

Lee Alberts, President  612-799-7502
Rick Smith, Vice President  801-652-7589
Deb Thompson, Treasurer  480-288-5314 

Tennis Talk Summer & Fall 2021(by Lee Alberts)

We are now planning for a full slate of tennis this fall starting in November.

League play starts at 10:00 AM 
(4 players on each of courts 1, 2, 3)

Mondays- Lady’s doubles Group A – Playing three sets/or about 2 hours 

Tuesdays- Lady’s doubles Group B - Playing three sets/or about 2 hours 

Wednesdays- Men’s Doubles - Playing three sets/or about 2 hours 

Fridays- Mixed Doubles - Playing three sets/or about 2 hours 

Those new to MBV or  are not current MBV Tennis Club members should contact Lee Alberts – (612) 799-7502 or Deb Thompson – (480) 288-5314 for membership information.

Drop in Round Robin 8-10 AM MWF, will also be available for any tennis player in the fall. Just show up at the courts and we will get you in with a group.  All skill levels are welcome.

Welcome Back dinner and MBV tennis club meeting is Saturday, November 13, 2021. Everyone is welcome.

Get involved, have fun and enjoy meeting new friends.

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